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Paire de Psvane WE 845 Xtreme Classic Series appairées


Paire de Psvane 845 WE (recréation des fabuleuses Western Electric 284A, concurrente de la RCA 845)
Xtreme Classic Series, le haut de gaamme Psvane !
Livrées en coffret, appairées à l’usine.

Disponible sur commande

he PSVANE WE845 Western Electric Replica get shipped as factory matched pair
a timeless beauty in perfect build quality for years of your audio performance

History of 845 tubes:

845 tubes were first introduced by RCA in early 1930s to compete with then industry leader Western Electric. This is also the first 3-element vacuum tube to delivery 60 watts per channel power when used in push-pull circuit design with a manageable physical size. The RCA845 became a milestone of vacuum tube production.

In 1937, Western Electric responded to competition from RCA845 with their newly designed WE284A – which was considered by users to deliver more lively sound than the RCA845 and with very similar electric specifications. WE284A then became the new benchmark of 845 tubes for the entire industry.
However at that time the electronics industry didn’t have many applications for this type of high output power tubes so demand was very limited. Not many WE284A tubes were produced then and even fewer are still around today.

Owning a pair of original Western Electric 284A is a dream for many HiFi audiophiles who own 845 tubes amps, in order to experience what the past glory of tube production could bring to their music system today. However, the scarcity has driven the price to very high level that many audiophiles cannot afford or obtain.

Creation of Psvane WE845:
The Psvane WE845 is a hybrid creation by combining the characteristics of both RCA845 and WE284A tubes. The first Psvane WE845 prototype was sent to Japan in late 2012 for evaluation and the reviewer commented: ‘It’s an ultimate pleasure to re-live the RCA845 sound from Psvane WE845 and I hope you can improve the sound to the WE284A level.’. Psvane design team took another 8 months to improve on design then we come to have today’s final version of the WE845 Replica.

WE845 direct-heated type thorium tungsten cathode triode, class A1 and AB1

Uf—————————————10 V
If—————————————-3.25 A

Maximum Rating
Ua————————————–1250 V
Pa—————————————–75 W
Pout(max.sig)————————–150 W
Ia(max)———————————120 mA

Direct Interelectrode Capacitances
input————————————–6 pF
output———————————-4.5 pF
grid to plate————————–14.5 pF

Static parameter
Ua————————————–1250 V
-Ug————————————200 V
Ia—————————————–80 mA
Gm—————————————-3 mA/V
ri—————————————-1.7 KΩ
RL————————————–3.4 KΩ
Ug(pk)———————————-69 V
Pout————————————-15 W

Recommended Operating Conditions
(reference value class A1 .single tube):

Ua——-1000 1000 1250 V
-Ug——- 145 155 209 V
RL————6 9 16 KΩ
Ia————90 65 52 mA
Gm———3.1 – – mA/V
Ug(pk)—– — 110 148 V
ri———–1.7 1.9 2.1 KΩ
Pou–t——24 21 24 W

Push-pull.class AB1:
Ua—————— 800 1000 1000 1250 V
-Ug—————– 125 170 175 225 V
RL——————- 4.5 4.6 4.6 6.6 KΩ
Ia———————–80 70 40 40 mA
Ug(pk)——– ——177 240 – – V
Ia(mAx.sig)——170 230 230 240 mA
Pout——————-40 75 75 115 W


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