SOLDANO Reverb-O-Sonic


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Some guitarists like the compact size and simplicity of a combo amp. The REVERB-O-SONIC is just that:  A rugged, compact, and versatile 50-watt two-channel 2x12 combo. The Clean and Crunch channels are based on the Normal channel of the SLO-100, which uses a Clean/Crunch switch to select gain levels.  In the REVERB-O-SONIC, these have been expanded into separate channels, each with its own independent Preamp Gain and Master Volume Controls.  Rich, full reverb tone is provided by a spring reverb tank.  A line level series tube buffered effects loop is also standard in the REVERB-O-SONIC.  Like all Soldano amps, this self-contained all-tube compo is expertly hand-built with pride in the USA. If you don’t need the ’over the top’ gain of the Soldano overdrive, and are looking for more of a classic ’high octane blues’ sound, this is the amp for you.  And the REVERB-O-SONIC goes all the way to 11!

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