BOGNER 4x12 Pan Droit

4x12 Pan Droit

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Our 4x12 Slant and Straight cabinets give the epitome of 4x12 tone: chunky bass response, rich, fat and woody. You know how Orange Juice from concentrate tastes kinda flat and bland, well our 4x12 is like fresh squeezed Orange Juice with all that chewy pulp...except our notes are thick with wood pulp. Our speaker cabinets have been developed to respond to your nuances as a player, we make cabinets that are alive with resonance, 3D note projection and that dance with every note played. Comes loaded with 60 watt Celestion Vintage 30's or Celestion Greenbacks. The Greenbacks are rated at 25 watts each, so maximum power handling is 100 watts in a 4x12. If your amplifier is high wattage we recommend the 240 watt power capability of Vintage 30's in a 4x12.

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