RJM RJM Amp Gizmo

RJM Amp Gizmo

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Most guitar players have experienced the dreaded "tap dance" - having to stomp on multiple pedals and footswitches to select the sound you need. It´s a hassle and can detract from a performance. MIDI can be used to solve this problem. MIDI controlled effects units have been available for decades. It's a tried and true solution. You can control a whole rack of effects using a single MIDI controller. However, most guitar amplifiers have no MIDI capability, so you're stuck with using a separate footswitch just for the amp. That's where the Amp Gizmo comes in. It will allow you to control all of the footswitchable features of your amp from any MIDI controller. You can finally put your amp's footswitch away and control your amp from the same MIDI controller you're using to control your effects!

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